Axens & You


Stéphanie Parisse Faux

What is our Human Resources Policy at Axens?

Our policy is centred on one main objective, “Guarantee the correct development of the necessary skills in order to allow the company to assure its current and future activities”. In other words, we are convinced that the economic performance of Axens is partially based on its social performance and on our ability to define and put in place the policies and appropriate actions for the long term as well as for the short term.

Your Human Resources Policy talks about "sustainable development"

Long term development is an essential value at Axens so therefore you find it built into the structure of our mission. We have stated it in our Human Resources (HR) policy that is based on: fairness, professional equality between men and women and the long term development of our colleagues; we capitalise on training of all types and in all forms, as a means of acquiring knowledge, enriching experience and so improving employees’ performance by constantly adapting and renewing their skills. We have made a number of commitments to sustainable development, notably by the use of electronic documents, encouraging long-term reward packages and the choice of socially responsible investment funds for salary savings schemes; these marry financial performance and respect of environmental and social concerns.

What are the HR values at Axens?

They are the same as Axens in general. All of the HR team, like me, are passionate in their work and we carry out our mission with respect for our guiding principles of fairness, responsibility and dialogue.

Why join Axens?

If you join Axens, you are joining a company whose growth has been spectacular and who has become a global benchmark within our industry. It is not just luck that draws the major international and large national companies to us for refining, petrochemicals and the treatment of natural gas. Our ambition is not only to be an international supplier of technology and products contributing to the production of clean fuels but also to be an industry leader in the alternative fuels and “Green Chemistry” sector. What a thrilling challenge for all those who are passionate about building a better world for tomorrow!

Axens' career management, does it achieve these ambitious targets ?

Group training plans, individual training plans, appraisals, skills mapping within the organisation, individual interviews with line managers, discussions with the HR department and 360° reviews. Every tool available is used to develop the employability of all individuals throughout their careers. Because we are structured this way, it allows our individual talents to grow and means Axens can always offer clients access to employees of the very highest calibre.